View Full Version : [ubuntu] help about making local netwok

March 29th, 2010, 04:40 PM
hello dears
i have (adsl router "rebotic") and we are 3 nodes sharing INTERNET the question is:
i want make network (exchange files) between me(ubuntu os) and one of my internet members ,and i dont know how can i set up network between us in ubuntu.
can any one help me.
thanks advance.

March 30th, 2010, 02:33 AM
All 3 machines are on the same side of the router (local network)? Are they all Ubuntu (or at least Linux) or do you have Apple or Windows mixed in? You can set up Samba to share with Windows machines. NFS is more native for Linux machines. (I've never used Apple...). For simple filesharing, SSH or FTP can also be used.
Decisions, decisions... :D