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March 28th, 2010, 10:44 AM
Hi, I would like to set up wifi which needs to be able to be picked up from all areas of the site, Only the Pub which is the central large building office, Shop and Cafe have a phone line. Office, Shop and Cafe will not let me use there’s, only the pub will.
If you look on Google Earth and type in post code LN12 1QL you will get a better idea on the size of the park and where the pub is.
Ideally once set up I would like to charge people for the usage of the wifi connection to there computer.
What programme can I use for it to be charged by the minuet, Ie they give me £5 for say 1 hour all I do is give them a code to enter into there laptop to enable access for 1 hour only (possibly through credit/debit card but not essential) and what other Hardware / software would I need? If you can give me some manufactories names then that b a nice head start.

And also if its any help I can pick up 3G on my mobile phone

Thanks, Richard

April 2nd, 2010, 04:29 PM
Hi Richard.

To be honest, this is no simple tasks, not least due to the new Digital Commerce bill which is coming into play. Gone are the days when you can knock up a cheap wifi hotspot.

In answer though, you will need a meshing based AP solution, using a combination of directional and omni antennas. All traffic gets authenticated against a radius server which is where you can limit the bandwidth / time etc.

You also need a captive portal/walled garden, firewall, network isolation, logging and billing platform.

If you are looking at installing paid WiFi into a venture that you own, get in touch with the pro's as its much cheaper than you would think, as we all work on a revenue share basis.

If your looking to run your own Hotspots as a provider, probably best to pick a new business idea, as its just gotten a lot harder.


David Riches
Director, Breckland WiFi Solutions.