View Full Version : [ubuntu] DNS Server Problem with resolve

March 28th, 2010, 05:30 AM
Client can not resolve with DNS server

client can access website with the public IP(like google for the website but with the name like (www.google.com) they can not access.

i see in the /var/log/syslog

Mar 28 04:29:50 ns1 named[3087]: client query (cache) 'www.google.com.kh/A/IN' denied

so how can i fix about this problem.

Thank for advance

March 28th, 2010, 06:31 AM
your ISP that is hosting your dns server is probably down. You can edit your nameserver config to change the dns servers that are used to a more reliable server. Im not at my machine right now but i think that its in the: /etc/resolv

March 30th, 2010, 05:31 PM
I'd forward to opendns if you aren't happy with your isp's servers.