View Full Version : [all variants] DVD re-authoring: fixing subtitles stream

March 27th, 2010, 05:52 PM
I'm trying to re-author a DVD, but cannot find a suitable application.

Specifically, it's a DVD with over a dozen sub picture streams (subtitles), all of them labelled with the wrong language. (if you select English subtitles, you get Italian ones, etc.)

I have used K9copy to copy the DVD to a folder. I don't need or want to re-burn to a physical DVD or to shrink it. All I want to do is fix the subtitle languages, and possibly remove the unneeded ones.

K9copy has a mode where I can select exactly what to copy, but there is no preview so that I can see what I un-select.

K9copy has another mode (Wizard) with a preview window, but the window stays black, and anyway, that mode doesn't let you select individual audio/supictures streams

DeVeDe doesn't seem to be able to open a pre-existing DVD structure, only to create a new one.

PGCedit doesn't have a preview (at least not in Linux), or I couldn't enable it. (and it's pretty cryptic...)

Any other suggestion?