View Full Version : [wubi] Lost my RAID after installing with Wubi

Pouya Khan
March 26th, 2010, 12:08 AM
hi all,

I just installed ubuntu 9.10 using Wubi on a computer that was already running 64bit vista. I chose the "install within windows" option.

My windows boot disk is a small, 150GB Western Digital Velociraptor (WD1500HLFS). I have a separate storage vault, 2 x 2TB Western Digital RE4-GB ED2002FYPS SATA 3.5" hard drives, that are RAIDed together in a striped Raid0.

After installing ubuntu, there was no problem with the boot disk. I can see the boot disk and all my programs whether I boot ubuntu or Windows.

Here's the problem. I can't see the raid drive any longer. I can't see it in ubuntu, and I can's see it in windows.

What part of the ubuntu installation caused windows to lose sight of the RAID?

When I load my computer, before the boot menu, there is an option "Ctrl G" to enter RAID setup utility. In the raid setup utility, it "sees" both of my hard drives, but does not recognize that they are a raid. (in fact, it simply says "failed").

Thanks in advance for any help...