View Full Version : [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu Studio Problems

March 24th, 2010, 09:29 AM
Alright, so after browsing through the threads, still don't quite understand my problem. I tried installing Ubuntu Studio 9.10 as a secondary OS (windows 7 is primary, sadly) onto a freshly partitioned drive and it wouldn't boot, also it screwed up the windows boot, so since i had a "dead computer" and the only other version i had was zorin, i re-wrote the studio with zorin and have been trying to understand this Grub problem ever since, so here's my specs:

3 hard drives, in bios, i have hard drives 1 and 2 set to raid, and those are my windows drives. drive 3 was my mass storage and i set aside 100 gb for linux, and that's the location i set for the install.

I'm getting these errors:
On windows boot up attempt:
error: invalid signature
on Sudo update-grub:
grub-probe: error: no mapping exists for 'isw_cggbgfcbhgf_KICKASS1'

**Note i'm new to this, don't mind a little work and learning, but have no idea what i'm doing currently

thanks a lot for your time, i really like the linux idea, just trying to get into it