View Full Version : radeon x1200 series probs?

mike sumner
March 22nd, 2010, 06:31 PM
I am having problems with mythbuntu 9.04. It runs ok live but once installed, I see the desktop appear for a split second and then just get a black screen with a rectangle in the middle. I googled and found lots of entries for this, most relating to a bug over a year old with xorg 1.6 and radeon cards.

I dropped to tty1 and did a full upgrade, but no difference after a reboot. Surely this isn't the same bug over one year on?

I tried reinstalling and took the option of installing the proprietory driver but that failed on the reboot without even starting x.

This is on an acer 7520 laptop with a radeon x1200 series card. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.