View Full Version : [ubuntu] Kubuntu v9.1 fails to boot after fresh install and display anomalies at the desktop

March 22nd, 2010, 09:11 AM
Hello all...

I'm picking up Linux again after several years. The last version a Linux I had was Mandrake v9.1. However, in looking to get the latest/greatest Linux I downloaded Ubuntu and Kubuntu. After installing Kubuntu the system reboots and fails to boot into the OS. After the P.O.S.T all I get a the word "GRUB". There is no response to any keys with the exception of Ctrl-Alt-Del. I am temporarily able to get passed the boot problem if I boot from the CD and choose boot from primary hard menu option. I'm not sure how to fix the boot up problem and could use some advice. However, using the CD to boot up the hard drives installation leads me to my next problem.

While in a desktop session I am unable to drag windows by their title bar. When attempting to drag a window, the desktop becomes covered with parts of the original window spreading all over the screen in multiple directions. It looks like a kaleidoscope or bad acid trip image. I suspect the video anomalies might be configuration related or improper driver. Again guidance would be greatly appreciated here.

I have a good 'ole Matrox MGA Millenium card installed into a P4 1.8ghz system, with 512 MB ram. The hard drive originally had an old install of Mandrake v9.1, but all of the partitions were wiped and I created 3 new partitions:
- /dev/sda1 20GB Bootable/Primary Partition EXT4 (Unbuntu mounted at /)
- /dev/sda2 18GB Primary EXT4 (Kubuntu mounted at /mnt/Ubuntu_dsktop_91)
- /dev/sda3 2GB Swap space

My intent was to install Ubuntu on the 2nd primary partition and be able to switch between them. However, I tried installed Ubuntu on the first partition (reformatted of course) and I encounter the same boot problem and display problem.

March 22nd, 2010, 09:25 PM
Since my last post I installed Microsoft Windows 2000 server and Windows XP and both installed without any hardware problems. For each of the installs I removed all existing partitions and created new partitions of different lengths (Win2000 server = 14.5GB, WinXP 22.8GB). The above was performed to rule out any possibility of hardware errors.

Before I attempted my first Ubuntu install the hard drive had an old working Mandrake v9.1 install, which was performed years ago on different equipment. Mandrake recognized the equipment changes and still booted up properly. Although I didn't check sound capabilities within Mandrake. I was able to login and reach the desktop.

As for the Ubuntu and K-Ubuntu installs... Each install is done in graphics mode with mouse support. All existing partitions are deleted and new partitions of different sizes are created during each install. After each install the system fails to load the Linux operating system (warm and cold boots). Immediately after the P.O.S.T information I'm left with the word "GRUB" and a blinking cursor in text mode. Graphics mode is never entered.

Here are the specs on my hardware:
- Asus P4B rev 1.03 Motherboard
- Intel P4 1.8ghz CPU (retail package)
- 512MB RAM (2 sticks)
- Sound Blaster Live sound card (onboard AC97 audio is disabled via bios)
- 3Com 3C905-TX 10/100 network card (PCI)
- Matrox MGA Millenium Video card (PCI VGA bios selected in bios setup)
- Asus 52x CDROM (IDE 2nd port)
- Western Digital WD400 40GB Hard drive (IDE 1st port)
- Generic 1.44MB floppy drive
- NEC MultiSync FP955 Monitor
- onboard: 2x serial ports, 1x parallel ports, PS/2 keyboard and mouse, 2x USB ports, 2x IDE ports, and 1x floppy port.
- Generic cream colored PS/2 style Hewlett Packard keyboard with Windows keys and a Windows menu key
- Microsoft optical blue USB wheel mouse