View Full Version : [ubuntu] Problems With VMPlayer

March 21st, 2010, 07:16 AM
Hey to anyone whos reading,

I have a bit of an issue, i had a busted hard disk so i thought it was a good time to switch to Ubuntu and esp since i can intall it on my USB External Hard Disk, and it works marvellous and i really love it, but some program i require Windows Environment, So i did intall VMPlayer and when i tried to Install XP, i installs for some time and then the BSOD appears with different errors... Im confused. Can someone tell me why this happens? I tried using the Windows CD, used an Image, Hosted the image from a different Flash drive too but either i get BSOD of the installation never finishes. Please help me out, cos i really need windows to run inside Ubuntu

My OS is 9.10 Ubuntu 32 Bit