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March 19th, 2010, 03:45 AM
I'm in need of some help regarding my averatec all-in-one pc http://www.shopaveratec.com/product.aspx?sku=4015163&culture=en-US . My wife picked it up this past Christmas for me. For $300 it been a great little computer. It ships with xp home, which works great. I've just grown tired of the dated os. So I installed w7 and ran it for a while. Then I tried kubuntu but had issues with 9.10 and my intel 945gms video chipset.

After fooling with kubuntu I got fed up with it and went back to windows 7. However, I then got fed up with W7 (too much of a resource hog) and decided to try to make some distro of linux work for me. So I tried opensuse 11.2 both the kde and gnome variants. Both had everything working right out of the box. Kde seemed just a bit more stable but I've grown to prefer gnome. So, I thought I'd see if I could get ubuntu to work.
-Ubuntu 9.04 (video worked correctly, no audio, wifi worked after I used ndiswrapper)
-Ubuntu 9.10 (video only worked in safe mode, audio and wifi worked out of the box)
-ubuntu 10.04 (everything worked out of the box, but it of coarse still has some bugs)

I've also tried:
-Mandriva ver.? (installed and everything worked but ran very sluggish)
-Mint 8 (it acted like ubuntu 9.10 so I didn't even install it)
-Fedora 12 ( same as Mint)

So I then thought I'd just stick with ubuntu 9.04 as from why I've read it's pretty stable by now. So I installed it, installed ndiswrapper for wifi and then proceeded to update it. Before I updated I read about the option to lock packages and keep them from updating. I obviously wanted to do this to prevent the kernel from updating. So I locked anything that looked like it was related to Linux-generic-(version number), I think it was. And then proceeded to update everything else. That all seemed to go well, I still didn't have audio but figured that could be fixed later. So, I then proceeded to install a few programs I wanted and rebooted the system. It shut down and the screen went blank but it never would post and start back up. I finally had to hold the power button to kill it and then restart it. It continued doing that each time I'd restart.

So, all that long spill of crap boils down to this:
-do you think ubuntu 9.04 is my best option
-if so, what packages exactly need to be locked and kept from updating
-if so, how do I go about fixing the audio
-if so, do you hve any ideas on the rebooting issue

I'm really trying hard to make Linux work for me as I really like both it and the programs avaliable to it. But if I can't get these things solved, I'll have to sadly revert to xp.

Please excuse any grammar mistakes. Away from computer and typed this all on iPhone.* *

March 19th, 2010, 03:51 AM
I would say 10.04 is your best bet. Beta1 is being released today so there should be less bugs. Maybe give that a go? :)

Regards, David.

March 19th, 2010, 03:55 AM
If I were decided to go linux and invest my time working and learning my ubuntu, I'd go with the version that produced the least problems ... Lucid, in your case.

Albeit still in development (until April), my thinking is that for as long as it's manageable to you (and your requirements), it's a great opportunity to really dive into and get to know your system.

Just my 2-cents :)


March 19th, 2010, 04:44 AM
Hmmm, I'll have alook at lucid tonight and see if I see the beta. Just last night is when I tried alpha.

March 19th, 2010, 07:38 AM
well, i've typing this right now on 10.04 and it definately has bugs. i installed chrome and it went just fine. but after a reboot, chrome is gone. it's still in the package manager, but all shortcuts in the menu and elsewhere are gone. don't know if i can deal with this right now. i just want my computer to work. i'm considering xp for the time being, but keeping and eye on 10.04 as i love its looks and feel, just not its current bugs.