View Full Version : [ubuntu] all characters on gui desktop are squares

March 18th, 2010, 02:28 PM
I had an Edubuntu 8.04 system that I allowed a system upgrade to occur. When the system was rebooted, all screen fonts in the signon gui including the gui logon screen are messed up.

All characters are squares! I'm suspecting that the font library is contaminated, but I'm not sure.

Further, I'm new to admininstration and since I've never seen this before, I'm unsure how to go about resolution.

System is not failing or locking up and the terminal windows tty1-tty6 have their normal fonts. Its just the GUI desktop on tty7 that's messed up. I am not sure what I can provide to help you help me. And, when I type my ID in the logon screen, it shows up intelligent. At desktop ALL characters are squares, including ALL panel items. I click on the firefox icon and his menubar is squares but, I can type in the address line and see websites it their normal resolution in the browser window.

Anyone else seen this or anyone have recommendation on resolving this? ...Help