View Full Version : [ubuntu] EHCP setup of subdomains

March 17th, 2010, 03:51 PM
OK - I know I'm a bit thick. But I am really struggling with this one.
I have built my Ubuntu server with EHCP and all is working on the main domain (local only using I can use filezilla to publish webpages to the server and I can browse them using IE and Firefox through the IP address or the domain name (ron)
I know the server is functioning OK
My problem is that I want to add other local domains, subdomains or directories to host websites for other local users on the same server.

In essence I want to use ron for one site with IE and ftp access
and also have others for about 6 other people all with individual HTTP addresses and FTP usernames and passwords.

Please note - I only need local access on the network I do not need the webpages to be available over the internet

I've spent ages fuffing about with EHCP but can't achieve my objectives.
I can either get the ftp access for the other people to use - but not have a directory for them to put their work in.
Or I can get the directory but the ftp does not function.
Can any one provide step by step for an idiot please