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March 17th, 2010, 06:43 AM
Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I was about toss my laptop away, and then I realized that i maybe be able to get some help here...

At any rate, here is my situation. I had both ubuntu and kubuntu 8.04 on a T40 Thinkpad (512 Ram, 40GB, ...). A couple of days ago my laptop was working all fine, I muted the sound and then it was gone even after I tried to put it back on. That happened again in the past but a re-start was all I needed to have sound back.

I always was temped to install 9.10, so I figured that's the time to do it, and I was hopeful that i ll fix my problem. After installing 9.10, Kubuntu is no longer functional, but Ubuntu is so n so. Sound is still gone, the hard drive appears to be falling (has too many bad sectors) and CR/DVD drive is not working properly. also there a few Broken packages that i can't seem to be able to repair.

I tried to install Ubuntu 8.04 from a live CD, but my laptop can't do it. I do a restart and get the screen that gives you all the options, but can't boot from it. I tested the CD on my roommates pc and its fine.

I tried to install Ubuntu 8.04 from a USB drive but also failed.

Not sure what to do next, I backed up all my files, to be safe. Any ideas?

Thanks for reading.

March 17th, 2010, 06:47 AM
Ram is on the low side. Try Xubuntu and see if that works. If it works, then you can buy a stick of ram make it at least 1 gb, then install Ubuntu