View Full Version : [ubuntu] cancelling print jobs on dot matrix printer

chinna saaeb
March 15th, 2010, 10:04 PM
Sometime i have to cancel print jobs on dot matrix printer particularly when there is paper jamming or power failure.
In the printer applet on task bar, the job disappears.
However when e restart the printer after setting it right, initially the printer prints some text, then it continues to complete the cancelled print job. This causes a wastage of paper and time.
This does not happen when a laser printer is connected (Samsung MFP 4300).
I am currently using Ubuntu karmic, but the problem was their with earlier versions and distributions also.
I have tried with command line also but without success.
How can this be corrected i.e., when the print job is cancelled midway, it should be stopped and not resume.
Can any body help