View Full Version : [ubuntu] trouble using kernel after update

March 15th, 2010, 06:14 PM
I finally had the time to install an OS on my new Dell Optiplex 960. Since I needed to access all 6GB of RAM, I chose a 64 bit version of Ubuntu. 9.10 was the newest at the time so I installed that.

I spent a lot of time setting up randr to use dual monitors.

I also put virtual box on with about 3 virtual machines (running Windows XP, Windows 7 etc) and these were linked to machines on our domain so that they could connect to network drives and the correct exchange INBOX.

Then one morning I found that booting the machine just shows the grey ubuntu logo for a while and then the screen is blank.

I have got to the stage of installing (alongside on the same partition) ubuntu 9.10 from the original installation DVD that I burnt, but this does not have my set up for dual monitors or my virtual box. I could probably live without the Adobe-flash and audio packages, but I would really like to be able to get back to the setup which I had spent so much time on getting the way I wanted it.

Until I put the second install, I did not have GRUB (visible to me) but now I can see a list of about 4 kernels with a "Recovery" entry for each too. Only the straight from the second install actually works, the other 3 are all broken - this includes for the "recovery" entry too.

I am aware that I have not given enough information, but am not sure what information would be most helpful. Please treat me as an absolute newbie and tell me exactly what you need to know.