View Full Version : [SOLVED] Ubuntu stalls on startup

March 15th, 2010, 04:09 AM
I recently installed Ubuntu on my laptop. The process involved me going through about 5 discs since they all stalled while installing. By stall, i mean i would select "Install Ubuntu" and my computer would go to a black screen and stop responding. Finally, I tried writing the disc at a slower speed, and it worked and Ubuntu istallled fine. I was able to run it completely fine, I downloaded a bunch of updates and rebooted my system and everythng was fine. I shut my laptop off for the night and went to bed. I woke up this morning and now whever i select Ubuntu from the boot menu it goes to a black, unresponsive screen as it did with the failed installations of the CD. I have Vista dual installed and i can run that just fine. Any suggestions?

March 15th, 2010, 04:25 AM
Which version of Ubuntu did you install?

March 15th, 2010, 04:32 PM
9.10 ... .31-20 and -14

March 18th, 2010, 02:21 AM
well i tried different codes, new cds, and a live usb. none of them worked. what finally did work was so much simpler. I unpluged the HDMI cable from the back of my computer. i did this the first time i installed it to but i had also used a new cd so i assumed it was the later not the former. i tried using the same cd with the hdmi cable plugged in and it doesnt work. i take it out amd it works fine. hope this helps others!