View Full Version : [ubuntu] Clean Install, will not boot.... Please help!

March 14th, 2010, 08:59 PM
So I have been running Ubuntu for a while on my Desktop and Laptop. after some issues on my windows 7 side i decided to format and start from scratch on my desktop. So I installed Win 7 first using 1/2 of my 1TB drive, then went to install Ubuntu 9.10 x64 from a fresh download. install went great but after I hit the reboot button the disk was ejected and the screen just went blank, so i tried manually powering down and powering up, but it booted directly into windows... no grub... nothing, just directly into windows. so i booted from a spare usb live disk, and it shows the ubuntu partition there. tried powering on again, same thing directly to windows. tried wiping the ubuntu partition and installing ubuntu from an older 9.10 disk that i used to setup my laptop a few months ago and same thing install goes great but as soon as i reboot it goes directly to windows. for fun i tried instaling from USB but its the same thing. so now im lost. does anyone else have any ideas on how i can get it to boot into ubuntu?

intel core i7 950
ASUS P6T v2 Deluxe Mobo
3 1TB hard drives - 2 in raid 0 (storage - 1 with windows 7 and ubuntu split.

please help


March 14th, 2010, 09:12 PM
Ok, NVM not sure what changed but i made another USB startup disk on my laptop and tried it... AND IT WORKED!!!! not sure why this was so complicated though, Ive never had an issue with ubuntu installs before.