View Full Version : Ubuntu 9.04+Squid+Cache+Remote Box+Iptables=me with no hair

March 14th, 2010, 06:55 PM
As you can read from the title, I am about to pull my hair out on this. I have ready tutorial after tutorial and checked my configs like 9 times each. Here is the rundown of everything, ANY help on this would be greatly appriciated.

First off, all of this is running on a VM Ware ESXi Hypervisor, so it is all Virtual and I really really hope that isn't what is causing my problem. I am running Ubuntu 9.04, fully updated on every VM that is mentioned here.

Internet<--->Modem<--->Ubuntu Firewall with IPtables<--->Network--------->Client

l_____>Squid proxy<____l

Ok, so if you can read that, I have IPtables set up as my router/firewall/nat. I am running a script some friends and I have been working on for some time. Supposedly, you are suppose to be able to put 3 to 4 lines in iptables and have it Destination Nat the trafic BACK to the squid proxy server, AND then let the traffic back out onto the internet.


The proxy will work fine right now, but I have to point the clients at it, I don't want this, I want it to be transparent and IPtables to redirect ALL port 80 traffic through the squid proxy. I know I COULD run squid on the same box as the firewall, but I have my reasons why I don't want to do that, unless of course I have absolutely no choice.

I have tried a solution from one of the O'Reilly's books, I have tried serveral configs I have found on the internet, and NOTHING works. Any ideas WHAT could be missing? If you need to see the configs, that is not a problem, just let me know. Please Help