View Full Version : [ubuntu] Question: What is 9.10 like now?

March 14th, 2010, 01:46 PM

To expand the topic, I'm sitting in 9.04 64bit, and have delayed on moving up to 9.10. Reason being, when 9.10 was launched I found it's boot up a bit sluggish as compared to all previous versions of Ubuntu going back to early days. After using 9.10, I just went back to 9.04 to give 9.10 some time to mature.

My computer is way fast enough, but I found the booting a bit different. Example, in 9.04, when I enter into my gui, it loads the panels in gnome, icons, wallpaper, and all other gadgets I have hanging around quickly. Even Wanda the Fish.... >.<

However, in 9.10 when it loaded the freshly installed gui, everything took upto 2-3 minutes to be functional. So here a few questions might come in. Has anyone else reported this odd booting issue liked I experienced that you might know of, and has 9.10 matured?

I'm planning on a fresh reinstall anyways and thought I'd take up the time before doing so to see how 9.10 stands.


March 14th, 2010, 02:56 PM
I think it must have been your particular hardware or configuration. 9.10 on my older machine (sempron 2400+, ati9200SE graphics card, 2GB ram) is faster than jaunty at just about all things, and with a manually edited xorg.conf file is OK, even with compiz running, though at 16 bit colour instead of 24 bit.

ext4 is definitely quicker than ext3, in my opinion.