View Full Version : [ubuntu] When Update Manager updates the kernel, can it automatically run a script?

March 14th, 2010, 05:39 AM
Scenario: Ubuntu 9.10 + dazukofs 3.1.2 (required for antivirus)

Example: When Update manager updates the kernel, can I make it recompile and reinstall dazukofs?


After Update Manager updates the kernel, say from 2.6.31-17 to 2.6.31-19, and later 2.6.31-20,the new linux won't boot, except in recovery mode. The hang is with the initial ubuntu graphic on the screen.
When going from -17 to -19, grub let me boot normal -17 . After the update to -20, even -17 would hang.


1) Boot the updated kernel in recovery mode.
2) Change to the dazukofs directory
3) Recompile and install dazukofs
make dazukofs_install
modprobe dazukofs

How do I make that happen automatically when needed, whether as part of Update Manager running or as part of the first boot with the updated kernel?