View Full Version : Issue With af9015, dissappears sometimes.

March 13th, 2010, 10:37 PM
I have tested various cards, all with chipset af9015.

Myth recognizes the chipset, and can scan and watch channels very easy.
But, sometimes, when i stop to watch tv, in one or two hours, i return to select the tv, and black screen, the led on the adapter is off...

Do dmesg | grep dvb and dont show nothing.

Now i use latest restricted drivers but still continue the same issue.

The dvb-t stop working, and the led mets off.

but now when i do dmesg show the correct adapter.

Its the adapter metting idle or something?

Whats logs can i attach for help looking one solution?

Apologize about my english, thanks all people for your support.

At this time, i`m triying somes solutions, if i unplug and replug the dvb-t then i can watch tv.