View Full Version : [ubuntu] opening ftp port

March 13th, 2010, 09:57 PM

i am trying to open the ftp port on a laptop that was originally configured as a workstation but i have added the lamp stack to it.

i access it from the web at http://alonzofretwell.com:1235 (localhost) using port forward.

i am setting up wordpress in it and it mostly seems to work okay but when i try to install a new theme using the link above as the host name. i have tried both root and my user name as the user name and password. i am geting the error...

[QUOTE] Failed to connect to FTP Server alonzofretwell.com:1235 [QUOTE]

a quick port scan of localhost shows that only smtp, www, ipp, and mysql are open.

subsequently i think i need to open the ftp port on the localhost.

please advise