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March 13th, 2010, 04:07 AM
Hey Guys,
I want to create a private cloud of my own. Its been a month now and i am not able to get it. Earlier I was trying to install Eucalyptus on Ubuntu 9.10 karmic. But its prerequisite ie xen troubled me a lot while configuring. So i left that approach. Right now I have installed UEC from Ubuntu 9.10 server CD. I had few problems -

Installation software failed to configure DHCP on Cluster as well as Node. Just to check I tried connecting my cluster and node with a cross lan. Configured ETH0 and pinging was done successfully. But /etc/networking/interfaces file is not present ony any of the machines. Am I doing any thing wrong?
I am getting only terminal interface on my machines. Will there be any problem if I install the GUI seperately. What will be the packages I need to install?

Can any one help me with this. Thanx in Advance... :)

November 14th, 2011, 04:15 PM
UEC Installation Issues ive tried many times to get uec 10 4 installed on diff tyes of computers
I got cloud installed -the first time but not sure if it included cluster to walrus etc but I could not connect to it on port vi chrome firefox etc
i then installed node but despite best efforts could still not connect to cluster
I then reinstalled cluster + all except node only to have software install step and grub install fail again and again
Not sure if it was because I had node installed
I tried on a laptop and was told that it could not take Uec hardware error Sorry cant remember error but it had something to do with virtualisation hardware -it is an older laptop.

I then installed it on pc that had node runningf quad pc ( on another hardrive ie i disconnect node hardrive ) which runs esxi 64bit no problems but once again Cloud/Cluster/Storage/Walrus fails on software install and grub steps . It cant be hardware causing this
I have now tried three computer and all fail on software install and grub step

Therefore I am now convinced its a software problem. Possible reasons being

1. Use of Lvm option
2. cant be cos node installed cos I disconnect that and tried again and it still failed
3. perhaps its something to do with choosing all three options Cloud/Cluster/Storage/Walrus i tried only cloud option but this also failed so it cant be this
4. perhaps its something to do with IP range I tried other closer ranges that I scanned as being available - no go
5. perhaps the cloud ip must be outside range I tride this - still no go still software and grub step fail
6. I checked bios but on the working Esxi pc running 64 bit -nothing in bios evens mentions a virtualisation switch still no go

I just cant recall if I had selected all three options on the original pc Cloud/Cluster/Storage/Walrus on whcih i managed to get uec installed
I do see that the three options are selected by default so I can safely assunme that they where selected in the original install - the one that gave me Http error on port connect

Hope this helps those also stuggling with same problem
Basicacly Im stuck

any ideas ?