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March 12th, 2010, 02:26 PM
Hi all,

Does anyone know the trick to getting Logwatch to make its entries a
little less chatty and leave out the "Detailed" section of the Postfix
report? I can't seem to tone it down and the daily reports I get include
every recipient, host, etc., which is too much info to make a summary
report useful.

The first portion I get looks like this:

****** Summary *************************************************

9 *Warning: Pre-queue content-filter connection overload
2 SASL authentication failed
432 Miscellaneous warnings

46.833M Bytes accepted 49,107,749
47.388M Bytes delivered 49,690,261
======== ================================================

1451 Accepted 26.64%
3995 Rejected 73.36%
-------- ------------------------------------------------
5446 Total 100.00%
======== ================================================

624 Reject relay denied 15.62%
717 Reject unknown user 17.95%
2654 Reject RBL 66.43%
-------- ------------------------------------------------
3995 Total Rejects 100.00%
======== ================================================

3800 Connections made
687 Connections lost
3799 Disconnections
1440 Removed from queue
880 Delivered
820 Sent via SMTP
5 Forwarded
26 Deferred
242 Deferrals
4 Bounce (local)
104 Bounce (remote)
3 Expired and returned to sender
63 DSNs undeliverable

22 Timeout (inbound)
2 Illegal address syntax in SMTP command
6 Numeric hostname
4 SMTP commands dialog error
916 Hostname verification errors
3 Hostname validation error
21 Enabled PIX workaround
70 SASL authenticated messages

This would be fine for a quick review that I do first thing. However,
the "Detailed" portion that follows is over 2,800 lines long!



March 12th, 2010, 06:57 PM

is switching to postfix-logwatch (http://www.mikecappella.com/logwatch/) a possibility?

From the man page (http://www.mikecappella.com/logwatch/postfix-logwatch.1.html):

The postfix-logwatch utility produces a Summary section, a Detailed section, and additional report sections. With level less than 5, postfix-logwatch will produce only the Summary section. At level 5 and above, the Detailed section, and any additional report sections are candidates for output. Each incremental increase in level generates one additional hierarchical sub-level of output in the Detailed section of the report.

Mr. C.
April 24th, 2010, 05:54 PM
FYI: postfix-logwatch and amavis-logwatch have moved to SourceForge: