View Full Version : [ubuntu] Mouse pointer disappeared

March 12th, 2010, 06:29 AM
Nature of bug:
The graphic for the mouse pointer fails to display, however it retains it's functionality, ie I am able to click on things. The press ctrl to locate pointer function highlights the pointers location, but this is the only indicator.

Conditions before bug occurred:
I had the system doing some updates, and forgot about them when I went to install qBitTorrent from the Ubuntu repositories. In the terminal window it told me that one of the folders was in use. I don't recall which. So, I restarted the installation of qBitTorrent after the updates were complete, and then restarted the computer. Upon reboot, I could see the pointer, however, after logging in, the pointer disappeared, and I've been unsuccessful in locating the cause.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.