View Full Version : Typing Orthodoxy

March 10th, 2010, 11:09 AM
As a child it was drilled into my (and I'm assuming everyone elses) head that the only real way touch type is with your fingers on 'asdf jkl;'. I never bothered with that and was chastised and received poor marks from teachers despite being a better typist than a lot of my classmates. Most keep their hands locked in place. I find moving my hands infinitely more comfortable than reaching with my fingers; they feel stiff and heavy. My hands / fingers -- but not my eyes -- just sort of roam the keyboard. I usually start with my left hand hovering over any of the top left (a-z) keys and my right any of the bottom right.

Speed is fine, nothing spectacular but not bad. About ~70WPM last time I checked. Accuracy is great, but can be a bit off when I switch to a different keyboard. Only takes a couple of hours to build it up again.

Are there any others here like me, or am I relative oddity?