View Full Version : [ubuntu] PHP Java Bridge on Ubuntu 9.10

March 9th, 2010, 09:26 AM

Sorry, if this is not the right venue for this question, but I'm hoping someone could help me with my concern. I placed this inquiry under this category, thinking that this is a general configuration within Linux, except that it uses a specific JAR file.

I am setting up a website that requires me to install JavaBridge.jar as a standalone mini server to make a Drupal module for spreadsheets to work. It should not be installed using a JEE server such as Tomcat, otherwise, the spreadsheets incur an error.

I've been trying to configure JavaBridge.jar in my server, but I can't seem to have this installed on startup.

1) I need to have this command run at startup: java -jar JavaBridge.jar.
2) The startup must use one option when it loads.

Are these possible?