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March 8th, 2010, 09:27 PM
First i'm glad i can find clear forum about linux. So i wanted to thank you all and ask u something about server conf. i work as a human resource manager but in back ground i gruated computer programming and computer A+. In our company we have installed windows server 2008 om IBM server and we have 4 other servers 1# for erp and files 2# for mail server ( exchange installed) 3# for security cams and 4#firewall and back ups.

In this system we have 2 branch of company and they're located in same city but 90 km away. In first branch there are 15 thinclients, 1 mac probook, 3 hp laptops(windows), 3 pc (windows). At second branch we have 5 thinclients and other server our servers are connected with g.adsl - frame relayed.

This is not my duty on company but i want make my ceo looks on linux server. Now i have a 64 bit xeon hp server its quite old in 2004 bought but it has 2048 ram and 160 gb X 3 hdd. I will install ubuntu server on it. But i want to present same services that windows hosts.( a mail server,firewall,and file sharing -backup ) i know i had to learn by myself and i will but i'm worried about erp program it coded with delphi for 32 bit ( i opened exe ;) delphi 7 ) wmare does supports on clients ? or how to make it emulated ? Sorry msg is long but yesterday our terminal server lisence was finished everything is in mess ](*,)