View Full Version : [ubuntu] MAc4lin

March 7th, 2010, 05:37 PM
I recently tried to use Mac4lin, at first it went just great. I followed this guide: Aw crap, i can't find the guide. It was the..first one ( i think ) that popped up when i googled mac4lin guide. ON my Linux Ubuntu 9.10 with firefox.

When i had done everything (Exept setting AWN as to open on restart, i CBA to do that)
I restarted. When the OS opened up again, the top menu was gone.

Since i am too lazy o get a screenshot, and then get that to this computer. You will have to satisfy with a normal picture.

So, what should i do? I cannot do anything without that top menu. D:

Please help me, and thanks in advance.