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March 7th, 2010, 08:58 AM
ssh-keygen issue
dear sir,

we need guideline step by step, due to lack of knowledge we cant achive this task

i test below scenerio on ubuntu working fine same version but centos redhat not can someone help me out

1) we have 2 machines 1 is RHAS4U3 from where we need to bring data to remote machine which has RHEL5U4 5.4
2) now on original first machine RHAS4U3, we generate key command using RHAS4U3 "ssh-keygen" it create 2 files id_rsa.pub and id_rsa. now we transfer file to remote machine and make contents of public file to authorized_keys
3) so when we try to connect it does not work, we need your help where and what we are missing we have done 100% confirm steps

next, we test other scenerio between two test machines of RHEL5.4 they are working fine, but between RHAS4U3 and RHEL5.4 does not work

suggest advise how to trouble shoot, how to sort the matter, where to see logs, any special commands/parameters to achive this. i create even dsa rsa both type keys still fail.

waiting your suggestion guideline tutrials