View Full Version : [ubuntu] miktex package manager uninstall

March 5th, 2010, 12:57 PM
Hello everyone,

I have Kile and Texlive in my netbook on Ubuntu Netbook Remix... (equivalent to 9.10 Karmic) and I needed to use some sort of LaTeX package manager. I was used to the Miktex package manager (mpm) from Windows so I installed it using this tutorial.


Not everything went well because there are a lot of mix-ups between the miktex and texlive versions. Mainly with the paths.

Afterwards I realized I could also download the LaTeX packages with the Synaptic package manager, so I decided I want to uninstall mpm. There is no entry of mpm nor miktex in the synaptic package manager. Any clue on how to uninstall mpm then? Thanks in advance for any response.


PS: The installation took quite a while, so I'm pretty sure some other things are installed as well along with the mpm. Im a Linux newbie+ (N00b but learning fast)