View Full Version : [gnome] Choose between different startup routines?

March 2nd, 2010, 06:26 AM

So, I use gnome on my laptop, and load compiz, awn, screenlets, and hide the gnome-panels in compiz's widget layer.

However, I am searching for a way so that when I am at the gdm login screen, I can have an option essentially for preset program lists. On related problems, people suggest installing a second window manager, or creating a second account, however, these don't interest me: I still want to use gnome in both instances, and a second account would not, to the best of my knowledge, preserve my application data--unless there was some convenient way to symbolic link everything in one account to another account (but I wouldn't know how to exclude the startup applications set, thus negating the point of multiple accounts).

Basically, I tried typing "compiz --reload" and the commands to load the various things (screenlets), but found it very irritating.

Does anyone know about how to modify the sessions listed in gdm session chooser, know of any variable startup-routines applications, or the like? Or especially, have any further insights into another account that mostly shares my home folder?