View Full Version : [ubuntu] interrupted network transmission

February 25th, 2010, 10:09 AM
I use a headless 8.04 server for data and multimedia storage. It a P4 with 2Gb and 4 sata disks attached to a SIL 3114 controller, no Raid/LVM's. Sharing of data/multimedia is done using Samba and NFS (testing only). Copying data to and from the server goes well and with the expected speed for a gigabit network.
Playback of media is different, every few minutes media will be interupted for a few seconds and then resumes. It happens on a 3 MB mp3 file or on a 20Gb mkv file.
No messages in the logs on the server.
It happens with Windows clients running VLC, a W7MC and a PopcornHour linux media player. So it seems to be server problem.
Any ideas where to look?