View Full Version : [ubuntu] problem of GRE tunnel between two PCs in a private network

February 24th, 2010, 06:32 PM
Here is my network:
hosta---------------router1 --------------------router3-----------hostc
| |
| |

When hostc want to send data to hostb, the defaul route is through router 3 and router2. Now I am trying to tunnel it through hosta, i.e. hostc ->router3->router1->hosta->router2->hostb. I was configuring the hostc and hosta as two endpoints of a gre tunnel. any data sent by hosta will be routed to router2 by default. But the tunnel wouldn't work. actually, data piped into the tunnel never leave the end host. Is it possible to setup the hosts to do this or I have to setup tunnel between router3 and router 1? Any links? Many thanks.:(:confused: