View Full Version : [ubuntu] Automated updates / upgrades

February 21st, 2010, 05:40 PM
I have several questions, all pertaining to automating Update Manager:

1) Is there any way to tell Update Manager to just automatically check for updates and/or distribution upgrades at a specified time AND install those updates / upgrades?

2) Is there any way to postpone steps requiring user input (i.e. specifying whether to keep the original or use a new menu.lst) until the end of the installation?

3) Can I specify for the computer to power down rather than reboot at the end of a distribution upgrade? Or to not restart at all?

I have a desktop that previously lacked an internet connection. It's a triple-boot system (Windows 2000, FreeDOS, Ubuntu 8.04), and I'm in the long and arduous process of upgrading to 9.10 with my new-found internet connection (moved the computer to a wired router). I'd like to have the distribution upgrades happen overnight while I'm asleep (for a surprise - whether pleasant or not - when I wake up), but since the dialog boxes asking for user input hang the entire installation process, if even one comes up during the night, it'll still be upgrading.

In general, is there any way to automate Update Manager and/or the packages during installation?