View Full Version : [ubuntu] Automatically reconfiguring screens at startup

February 21st, 2010, 09:01 AM
So occasionally I find myself plugging in an extra screen into my laptop to help with the work flow. I set it up so that both screens act as one quite wide screen. I've got it all configured and running fine. The only problem is that every time I start it up I have to re-enable the 2nd screen which is off by default.

The question is, can ubuntu detect that an extra display has been added and automatically change the Nvidia driver's screen configuration, and when only one screen is plugged in, detect that and apply a different configuration?

(And purely on a cosmetic note, could it also change the background picture depending on what is set? Twinview stretches the picture and It could apply a different picture designed for the bigger screen, and then a different picture for the single screen)