View Full Version : [ubuntu] Share Only a Folder via SFTP

February 20th, 2010, 10:36 PM
Hi Everyone,

I have an SSH server running on my linux which is great as I can control it via command line, tunnel VNC, and access files via SFTP.

I would like to share a certain folder out to a group of friends via SFTP however the only way I know how would be create a new account and give it access to that folder. However that will also give them access to all kinds of different folders on the new account which could be a bit confusing and would a bit messy.

Is there a way that I can create a new account; give it access to the folder on my main account and share only?

Also would it be possible to use apache so that this can be accessed from a browser than special software like filezilla?

Thanks a lot.


I guess I should really with go with FTP secured with SSL; this thread kind of answered my question: