View Full Version : [ubuntu] How to install legacy Nvidia driver in KK

February 17th, 2010, 01:33 PM
I need some guidance here, because I cannot use my Ubuntu installation.

I have installed 9.10 (KK) on old hardware, including an nVidia Riva TNT2 M64 The installation boots to a blank screen. Obviously the video drver is incorrect. but I can follow none of the advice available on any forum or from nVidia web-site while I have a blank screen. How do I get out of this catch-22?

I can use the system when I swap to an equally old Ati card, but anything I do with that hardware configuration to install the correct NVidia driver fails:

1. nVidia lists the driver version 7182 as the correct legacy driver for my card. I have downloaded it and run the necessary sh command. It fails because the ncessary kernel code is missing. The installer then attempts to compile the missing code. the compilation fails beacuse of missing items. At this stage I am totally lost and the whole approach has clearly lost sight of the fact that I don't want to become a system developer - I just want to use Ubuntu with some perfactly good old hardware.

2. The Ubuntu forums refers me to the BinaryDriversHowtonVidia document. Firstly I can't understand much of it. Secondly it says the correct driver to use is 7186 (which differs to nVidia's advice). Thirdly there is no information about 9.10 release of Ubuntu in this document so there is no way of nowing which legacy driver 9.10 will use.

So, in simple language, how does one install the correct driver for an nVidia Riva TNT2 M64 when starting from a system which boots to a blank screen, in Ubuntu 9.10? (And if this is not clear, by blank screen I mean a screen which has the same appeaarnce as one in which the monitor is powered off. So it is not helpful to suggest 'use the recovery mode' - because I have no way to get to the recovery mode - or any similar technique)