View Full Version : [ubuntu] lacrosse weather station WAS 2305 Wview weather program 5.12.6 and Ubuntu 9.10 compat

February 15th, 2010, 09:09 AM
Lacrosse WS2305 weather and wview 5.12.6 of the program, one of the suitability of the wind sensor ongelma.Lacrosse WS2305 operates correctly if the weather stations are not connected to the serial port.
When you plug in a weather station to the computer serial port cable (RS232), wind speed and direction sensor may be incorrect dataa.Kytkentš weather also affect the display lacrosse WS2305 wind speed.
Wind direction and speed of the result just the lines (--,--) or wind speed over 25m / s.
wrong if there is no weather station from the computer, other functions working properly as the heat and humidity ...

What's wrong?

weather station web address: www.weather.jmt2.info