View Full Version : [ubuntu] Goolge Docs/Apps Offline and local storage

February 15th, 2010, 03:08 AM
Am considering moving my biz to Google Apps for My Domain, with the idea of enabling offline access and keeping business docs in sync locally with those on google's servers. Am running 9.10 and was succesfully able to use Firefox and Gears to send some local docs up to my Google docs store. Am curious as to how practical this would be for large amounts of documents? and whether there is a tidy way to manage these locally should I want to. For example, while I am able to see some folders here: /home/kendoori/.mozilla/firefox/wttgokuj.default/Google Gears for Firefox, it's hard for me to figure out where on my local drive the replica is stored.

Anyone have any ideas on this?