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February 14th, 2010, 12:54 AM
So I finally got Ubuntu installed on a brand new Eee PC 1005PEB laptop. Now it is ridden with more problems than I thought possible. Feel free to respond to some issues and not others if you have knowledge in any area listed below.

1) The computer rarely accepts native mouse/keyboard input. I can navigate around the BIOS quite nicely with the laptop keyboard, but once I get to the login screen there is a 15% chance that any input is accepted from the laptop keyboard or trackpad. It does, however, accept USB input so I can plug in a USB keyboard and mouse. But having a laptop that's less than 3 pounds doesn't mean much if I need to carry a full-sized keyboard and mouse around to use the thing. When this happens I force a restart (see number 2 below), take out the battery and unplug, replace the battery, and try again. After doing this 4-8 times the keyboard/mouse generally works.

2) The computer doesn't shut down. Nor does it restart. It hangs until I hold down the power button. I've let it try to shut itself down for hours; it just refuses. When restarting, it says 'system will halt now' or something similar and hangs there.

3) There is no sound. The sound is turned up all the way in the volume applet, and everywhere in the volume preferences is turned up all the way. If I play a music file, I can see in the volume preferences that it knows the file is outputting sound, but there is no output.

4) There is a warning bubble that occasionally pops up by the clock. It's a red, jagged bubble, and when I click it, it says that my kernel is bad and could become unstable. This hasn't shown up in a while, so this may be solved. I haven't seen it since I updated through the update manager and I saw a new kernel in there, so I think it may have upgraded the kernel then and solved this issue.

EDIT: 5) Ah I knew I forgot one. The ethernet port doesn't work. This isn't a huge deal, I did manage to get connected to my wireless connection. Also I have heard this is a common problem so I can probably find solutions elsewhere.

For the first 4 problems nothing I've found searching has been helpful. Many solutions are for older versions of Ubuntu, or much older models of Eee PCs.

I have already installed all updates from the update manager, but I have not done much else because it is very frustrating not having the keyboard/mouse working most of the time. Thanks in advance for any helpful advice. <3


February 14th, 2010, 01:06 AM
Sounds like either:
1) faulty laptop
or 2) Ubuntu installation went badly wrong.
I would try a fresh install after checking that the installation media is not corrupt.