View Full Version : [ubuntu] Remix freezing up

February 13th, 2010, 09:01 PM
Hi all,

I have remix installed in a separate partition on my Samsung netbook. I'm still trying to get the wifi to work but now I have another 2 problems.
1. My targus remote usb slide changer won't work, isn't recognized. It worked fine with windows 7 on the same ntebook and works with 8.04 on a different laptop.

2. Remix has started freezing up. I hadn't used it all that much before but don't think it did that at first. Now it will freeze when I'm in Openoffice writer or even when I'm doing things on the desktop menus. It's not a complete freeze. I can use the mouse to "suspend" and go back or the keys to open a terminal and go back. Once I've exited the GUI and returned things work OK until the next freeze but obviously having to exit and return frequently makes remix very inconvenient to try to use.

Any ideas?