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February 12th, 2010, 08:02 PM
I don't know if I'm a total noob , but that's only cause I'm good at getting around ****,so I thought.
Anyway,I finally got rid of windoze a month ago and my screens been to big in ubuntu 9.10.
So in order to run some of the program's on ubuntu I have to maximize a project so I can just see an ok or go button and I'd have to be lucky to catch the ok button.So this worked with no big problem til today.

I searched how to convert dvds and back them up,I found a perfect forum on this site for that,but the maximize button does not exist so I cant press ok,lol.

So I try and configure like I do every once in awhile. I go threw nvdia graphic driver it's the only supported drive it gives me and I try to change the res.

It only get's bigger no matter what number's Im typing in Im currently running @ 800x600 I'm prett sure.

So I run a nvidia geforce mx4400 on ubuntu 9.10 with an aoc 16.5 in. lcd what should the setting's be and what are the best way to set them

Terminal-I usually get confused on which line to copy and paste so please make it as if you-re talking to a total noob.

Download-throw me an idea

I really appreciate any help, and for reading my lonf explanation of why I need to change my res.

Ubuntu forever!


February 12th, 2010, 08:10 PM
Hi there,

So the proprietary driver is installed (System/Administration/Hardware Drivers)? Assuming so, ensure the nvidia-setting app is installed:

sudo apt-get install nvidia-settings
gksu nvidia-settings

Can you set the res there?

February 12th, 2010, 08:26 PM
Thanks for responding so quick,
yes Nvdia 96 is installed i put in the terminal stuff gave me a huge list and brought me to the nvidia screen I usually get though the diplay in system....
I get there though and it only give's me a crt option, so I have to use that.I then put in my res. 1024x768 and apply and the screen gets like 4 x as big.
So I try a smaller configure the one smaller then the auto 800x600.This though makes me screen even larger, obviously,lol.

But I want my screen to fit perfect ,which it does except a little too big. When I need to use a program the bottom part of the window is stuck "under" the computer therefore I can't press ok.Unless of course if there's a maximize button which will make it fit perfect,but when I left click to press ok it get's smaller but goes back and fourth every click,so like 4 click's later I'll hit o.k. and it work's.

I might just try a new program but it take's forever to find a good/usable one and devede would seem like my best option, but I like to learn my option's and find ways around areas I would usually be stuck in,anymore help is appreciated If you or someone else think's they could maybe come up with another idea It's very appreciated : )

thanks though dude/chick ubuntu user