View Full Version : [ubuntu] Installing software

February 12th, 2010, 07:03 PM
Brand new to ubuntu and unix/linux OS in general so I was wondering.

I was wanting to install Visual Studio 2008, does Ubuntu support desktop software that are suppossed to be limited to Windows OS?

In particular the VS 2008 software?

February 12th, 2010, 07:08 PM
http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/installingsoftware is a simple introduction to installing in Ubuntu.

As for running Windows software, you might have some luck with WINE (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine).

Check specific Windows apps here: http://appdb.winehq.org/

February 16th, 2010, 12:57 AM

Unfortunately it looks like most of the software that is compatible with any Linux OS are video game related... Oh well. Thanks anyways :)