View Full Version : [all variants] Portuguese and French speakers: Mark yourself as affected by this!

February 12th, 2010, 04:30 PM
Cedilla versus accented C!!!

By default the use of the keystrokes 'c results in an accented "c"
for US-International and UK-International (with dead-keys)
keyboard layouts.

There is a workaround for it, but for new users hacking immodule
definitions is simply out of question, and updates on gtk permanently
remove the custom definition.

The cedilla () letter is more widespread than the accented C among
computer users, as Portuguese and Franch languages have cedilla.
Some east europe languages have accented C's, but they also have many
other non-english characters, so that they rarely can use a US- or
UK-International keyboards.

Therefore, the default behaviour should be to have the cedilla
for the 'c keystroke in US-international and UK-International keyboards
with dead-key combinations.

Mark yourselves as affected by this issue, its solution is very simple
for the developers, they only need clear evidence that it is the
correct move!

The reported bug is: