View Full Version : Serial Programming Code

February 11th, 2010, 05:20 PM

I'm looking for some serial port libraries.

I've already read through the serial programming guide for POSIX by Michael Sweet as well as other guides and examples. I've written a few functions to send some characters back and forth between two computers.

What I'm looking for is a drop in .C and .H file or library that will allow me to send and receive characters and strings, and allow me to configure all aspects of the comm.

I've got lots of other code to write and I'm just not interested in writing/maintaining the comm portion. In Windows, I'm using VI libraries by Agilent. Unfortunately they don't offer Linux libraries. This has been done so many times for so many years...I was hoping to find a solution rather than a method for my own solution.

Anyone have code they can share or direct me to?