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February 11th, 2010, 05:07 PM
Hello legendary open source support community ^.^

I am brand new to ubuntu as of 3 days ago so as appreciated as all advice will be could be put it in very basic terms, thank you.

The installation went without a hitch but I have encountered 2 problems that I can not seem to find a solution for.

1. When I move my mouse to the right hand edge of the screen it scrolls into a black space (this also distorts the 3D cube and makes it seem like I have a very wide screen desktop but I can not do anything with it. It is also apparent on the log in screen as it looks as if it is spread over a second monitor (to the left) (which I do not have). I would like to remove this.

2. I have noted this issue has been discussed on some forums but I either couldn't understand the advice or it did not work. There seems to be a cap on my resolution. Though this is stretched to fill the screen when centred there is a 2" black boarder around my desktop.

Any help is greatly appreciated and I apologise if this has been asked before but I have scoured the interwebs for an answer and have found non.

Thank you in advance.

J ^.^

February 12th, 2010, 12:17 AM
If it is any help I have pin pointed the problem down to the nvidia drivers. I have an 8800 card and uninstalled all the drivers and all was ok.
So the new Q is hoe do I get the drivers installed stably?
Thank you.
J ^.^