View Full Version : Need Advice: Compressing media/documents for Smartphone

March 6th, 2006, 12:34 PM
Hi guys/gals!!

I was wondering if you could help me on a bit of problem that I have. I have recently ventured into the world of mobile devices by repairing my old Windows (eek...) Smartphone (which also goes by the name of HTC Tanager, SPV e100, or QTek 7070). Being entirely new to this field of technology and wanting this experience to be as Linux-like as possible (meaning, not having to boot into Windows always), I wanted to ask for your thoughts on these things:

1. Compressing music/MP3s: I have some MP3s in my collection (not that much. The ones that I use can mostly fit into 3-4 750MB CDs). So my questions are:
- what would be the best format to compress them in? not to go into the OGG vs MP3 debate, I am willing and able to use either. I just want to know which format would be most efficient, when it comes to storage space and battery life. (thanks to a program (http://tcpmp.corecodec.org/about) that can play OGG on a windows device. how ironic :D). WMA is definitely out of the question! :p
- any good Linux software to do this? I've tried Audacity and it's MP3 exporting is good, but not the OGG (or at least the way I used it)
- and next question would be "any guide to do this?"

2. Compressing videos: I have some in VCD format, and some already in AVI (DivX/XviD, I don't know how to differentiate between the two). Again the questions are:
- which format to compress in? divx? 3gp? Again, looking for the best compression. I'm also not sure if the same program I mentioned is capable of playing theora (what's the extension for ogg theora? ogg? ogm?)
- any Linux software to do this? I'm especially looking for something that can let me change the resolution and sound quality. Something along the lines of this program (http://divx.ppccool.com/) (that encodes to divx, but very nice, in Windows only... :( )

3. Compressing documents: I have some PDF documents, like from TLDP and Aysiu's ubuntu guide, that I want to take with me. Same three questions. But this time, I'm absolutely clueless about what other document formats are available. I'm also wondering if there's a program that could compress PDFs? My sister has one, but it works for Palm-based devices.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and if you have any info whatsoever, I'd be extremely grateful. How I wish I had one of those Nokia 770 Linux tablets... my dream device. Well, until then... I'm stuck with something M$... :(

Umm... anyone? Please? :(