View Full Version : [ubuntu] HP/Compaq 8510p Install Problems

February 9th, 2010, 06:21 PM
Hi, I picked up an HP/Compaq 8510p laptop recently, and installed Ubuntu 9.04 as a dual-boot system. But I've found two problems:

1.) Suddenly, Firefox doesn't open in either wired or wireless mode.

2.) When I try to update the software, I get a message that states that I need to free up 237 MB on the / partition. If I look at the partitioning with a live CD and GParted, it shows that partition as containing 2385 MB, and will not allow me to change the size. That size seems small to me, although I used the automatic partitioning feature. There is 40 GB available for Ubuntu on this machine, and I did defrag the original NTFS partition before installing Ubuntu.

Do I have to reinstall Ubuntu with a manual partition? or ?

Thanks for any info you can provide. This is an excellent laptop otherwise.

Update: I reinstalled and fixed the Firefox problem, but was unable to manually resize the / partition
without deleting the Windows partition and taking over the entire drive. How can I do this?

- Michael B. in Cincinnati