View Full Version : HELP not always helpful for setting up UNR

February 9th, 2010, 12:44 AM
I'm having trouble with HELP in UNR.

Adding an object to a panel:
Right click on a vacant space on a panel to open the panel popup menu.

I get nothing when I do this- no menu.

I want to move a couple of objects/icons from one panel to another- like from Favorites to Internet.
In fact, I'd like to remove all icons from Favorites so the Favorites panel would disappear, exposing my desktop background photo.

I'd like to set up Autohide for the panels but I'm unable to find Properties>Panel Properties dialog.
Again, when I click a vacant space on a panel as instructed, nothing happens.

Is the information in HELP generic Ubuntu 9.10 and not specific to UNR?

John in Houston